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What is LAMBS?

L.A.M.B.S. is a ministry for women. Offering various avenues for women to grow closer in their walk with the Lord. We make available our personal testimonies of faith, and healing experiences through total dependency on God. It is our mission that all women find freedom through knowing who they are through Christ.

Encourage - Empower - Equip

The Resource Centre

3496 Old Historic U.S.441, Clarkesville, GA 30523

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The Resource Centre

3496 Old Historic U.S.441, Clarkesville, GA 30523

I'm Staci!

Staci Pealock has a call on her life to share and show the love of the Lord to everyone that comes into her life. For many years she felt discarded and unlovable, but through gaining victory over many hurts, heartaches and habits, she now is experiencing life full of joy as an overcomer.

Through speaking at various women’s events and conferences; Staci is able to share that we all have a God- given calling and purpose that is individual and unique, and those who God calls He equips!

Kind Words

Who “Ewe” Are In Christ takes a shepherd’s approach to speak to us as His Lambs. At some point in life, we have all experienced an identity crisis.

The next 365 days will be filled with discovery as you journey through scriptures relating to your true God given identity.

Every page is formatted to give you the opportunity to write your name in the scripture, dive in the word of God, write the scripture in the designated area, read the devotion, and reflect personally through journaling.

You will learn to hear the voice of the shepherd more clearly as you spend time with him working through these scriptures.


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